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Software Engineer BACKEND


28-11-2022 | XHUB - Casablanca | CDI
Langue(s) : #Anglais     #Français     #Arabe    
Compétence(s) : #SQL     #Java    

Descriptif du poste

As a Backend engineer, you should be comfortable with Backend technologies and passionate about writing clean and efficient code.
-Willing to work with cutting-edge tech.
-Bring and suggest new approaches to the table.
-Collaborating with Frontend teams to ensure product delivery.
-Ability to work in agile teams to solve complex problems.

Profil Recherché

-Previous experience as Backend engineer for at least. 2 years.
-Good Knowledge about different design patterns.
- Experience with Java language and Java tools/frameworks.
- Experience with SQL or/and NoSQL databases.
-Knowledge of Microservices and REST APIs.
-Experience with writing meaningful tests.

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